Fractals collection

What is this?

This is an NFT collection of 1000 fractals, which are mathematical recursive shapes. Each fractal is described by an unique formula directly stored in the blockchain. The formula fully describes the fractal and is used to automatically draw the pictures.

Each item of the collection comes with an image representing the final drawing, an animation showing each step and an image representing each iteration. Use the search field on the top of the page to look for a particular item, using its identifier (number between 0 and )

Fractal formula

Fractals are produced thanks to a formula, you don't need to understand it to enjoy the collection. But, if you are interested in minting new fractals or if you are curious you can lean more on how it works and on how the formula language looks like by clicking on the following button.

More details

Reasons to buy

  • Own a beautiful and unique mathematical piece of art.
  • Unlock additional content (iterations, SVG, printable versions etc).
  • Do whatever you want with your assets.
  • Get access to online fractal editor.
  • Get passive earnings from merchandising.
  • Support an association (50% of minting revenue will be given to an assocation).
  • Invest in a meaningful NFT collection that will get its value increased.

Market places

Fractals can be be bought or sold on OpenSea

Before to trade or interact with fractals of this collection, double check that your are dealing with the right contract address:

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For any questions or inquiries concerning this collection, fractals, minting or the formula language, do not hesitate to join our Discord community!

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Social networks

You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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Recruit minters

Once the first 10 fractals are sold, we will start to find new minters and unlock additional content for NFT owners.


Online fractal editor

People owning a fractal will have access to an online fractal viewer and editor.



A shop will be added, allowing anybody to buy fractal goodies. Owners of the corresponding NFT will get a commission on each sell.


Give 50% to an association

We will start to give 50% of the total minting revenue to an association (to be choosen by the community).

Mint a new fractal
Let's create new fractals

If the maximum fractal count has not been reached (), people owning a pickaxe token (#1, #2, #3 or #4) can mint a new fractal by creating its own formula.

Pickaxes will be given to promising fractal creators, you can try to request one in the mint-request channel.

At the end, the owner of the key token (#0) may allow everybody to mint new fractals. He also is responsible for increasing the mint price to follow the floor price seen on the market.

Open the fractal editor